Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Of Mice And Men Video Blog


  1. Hi Mark,
    Thats good footage mate and you can tell you have a touch of the flu, But it was nice when i noticed your Poppy in you hat well done on that,
    I was looking and o could see the leaves passing by just outside your swim and the water is moveing quite quickly, Then i thought if there is a way under to the left of your baited area maybe the fish would head for that and give you some problems, The chub are looking ready for winter as they look well stuffed, Huge chub though mark, And the Barbel is a cracker, Do you think they feed better when its raining as you do seem to get the better ones either during or just after the rain,
    Grat Blogging Mark,
    Get well soon mate,

  2. Hello there Paddy,

    I always wear a Poppy,having collected numerous times over the years for the british legion,I really respect the job our men and women do in the forces,something that should never be forgotten or taken for granted.

    Thanks for the kind comment mate,the flu is still hanging around but not so badly.

    The area to the left does have a few snags close in and is a bit tricky.I would say that I definately catch better with a drop of rain,river slowly rising,or with the river on the drop after a heavy downpour and also a nice bit of overcast conditions.The Chub are most certainly starting to be less hollow than they are during the summer.

    Thanks again for taking the time to drop by.

    Kind Regards

  3. Hi Mark

    Hope you're on the mend.

    What a fantastic brace for the day.

    Quick question - do you gear up for chub (8lb line etc.) or are you always wary of hooking a barbel and notch the breaking strain up a bit?

    Anyway, all the very best


    ps. In answer to your question from last time - I tried your maggot feeder approach on my small stream and caught (of all things) a fairly biggish brown trout!! Lovely looking fish and has given me the impetus to maybe try the dry fly next spring.

  4. Hello Russ,

    breaking strain of my main line is always beefy,but the hooklink material used or strength of it is variable to what the area I am fishing is like,as I do not like to leave fish trailing any hooks or materials.

    So if I am fishing a less snaggy swim and its winter time and the water is clear I will drop down to
    a lighter hooklink like Reflo power line.

    However I would say most of the time I do tend to use minimum 10LB hooklink material if I am ledgering in a tight snaggy area,Reason being is that in most situations like that,it is a case of hit and hold,with the Barbel.

    Very nice to hear that you had some success on the maggot feeder,was that with artificials or lives?

    Kind regards