Braid & Mono Lists

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Stated BS / Actual BS / Stated Diameter / Actual Diameter


Fox Soft Steel
8lb 11.88lb 0.27mm 0.27mm
10lb 14.88lb 0.30mm 0.30mm
12lb 17.88lb 0.34mm 0.34mm
15lb 22.63lb 0.39mm 0.39mm

Shimano Catana
8lb 14.13lb 0.28mm 0.28mm
10lb 16lb 0.30mm 0.30mm
12lb 18.88lb 0.33mm 0.33mm
15lb 20.5lb 0.35mm 0.35mm

Nash Bullet XT
10lb 13.63lb 0.29mm 0.30mm
12lb 18.75lb 0.35mm 0.35mm
15lb 24.5lb 0.38mm 0.40mm
18lb 31.5lb 0.43mm 0.45mm

Sufix Synergy
10lb 12.38lb 0.28mm 0.28mm
12lb 12.75lb 0.30mm 0.30mm
15lb 18.25lb 0.35mm 0.34mm
20lb 25.63lb 0.40mm 0.41mm

Daiwa Sensor Brown
6lb 8.5lb 0.235mm 0.22mm
8lb 10.75lb 0.26mm 0.25mm
10lb 14.63lb 0.31mm 0.30mm
12lb 16.5lb 0.33mm 0.32mm
15lb 17.63lb 0.37mm 0.36mm

Daiwa Sensor Clear
8lb 10.12lb 0.26mm 0.25mm
10lb 15.87lb 0.31mm 0.30mm
12lb 16.75lb 0.33mm 0.32mm
15lb 21.37lb 0.37mm 0.35mm

ESP Carp Mono
8lb 13.63lb 0.30mm 0.29mm
10lb 16lb 0.32mm 0.32mm
12lb 17lb 0.35mm 0.34mm
15lb 22.13lb 0.37mm 0.36mm
18lb 26.13lb 0.40mm 0.41mm

Gardner GT 80 Dark
10lb 14.15lb 0.30mm 0.30mm
12lb 17.5lb 0.35mm 0.34mm
15lb 21.25lb 0.40mm 0.40mm

Gardner GT 80 Light
10lb 14lb 0.30mm 0.30mm
12lb 17.25lb 0.35mm 0.33mm
15lb 20.75lb 0.40mm 0.39mm

8lb 8.62lb 0.25mm 0.24mm
10lb 13.62lb 0.29mm 0.28mm
12lb 13.75lb 0.31mm 0.30mm
15lb 16.12lb 0.36mm 0.35mm
18lb 22.5lb 0.41mm 0.40mm

TF Gear Gunsmoke Carp
6lb 7.5lb 0.245mm 0.24mm
8lb 10.87lb 0.275mm 0.27mm
10lb 14.5lb 0.303mm 0.29mm
12lb 17.5lb 0.355mm 0.345mm
15lb 22.62lb 0.399mm 0.40mm

TF Gear Disguise Invisilink
8lb 12.5lb 0.28mm 0.28mm
10lb 13.5lb 0.30mm 0.29mm
12lb 15.38lb 0.35mm 0.33mm
15lb 22.75lb 0.40mm 0.39mm

TF Gear Red Mist Mono
10lb 13.5lb 0.32mm 0.31mm
12lb 18.38lb 0.37mm 0.36mm
15lb 21.63lb 0.42mm 0.41mm
18lb 27.88lb 0.47mm 0.46mm

Berkley Trilene XT
10lb 17lb 0.36mm 0.35mm
12lb 22.5lb 0.38mm 0.36mm
14lb 19.5lb 0.40mm 0.37mm
17lb 29.25lb 0.43mm 0.43mm
20lb 23.25lb 0.46mm 0.45mm

Big Game Clear
10lb 13.38lb 0.31mm 0.29mm
12lb 17.75lb 0.36mm 0.34mm
15lb 22.38lb 0.38mm 0.38mm

Big Game Green
10lb 13.88lb 0.31mm 0.30mm
12lb 15.75lb 0.36mm 0.34mm
15lb 20.75lb 0.38mm 0.38mm

Big Game (Carp) Brown
10lb 13.63lb 0.31mm 0.29mm
12lb 17.63lb 0.36mm 0.34mm
15lb 21.5lb 0.38mm 0.38mm

Gardner GR60
12lb 18.75lb 0.35mm 0.35mm
15lb 24lb 0.40mm 0.40mm

GL Pro Gold
6lb 8.38lb 0.255mm 0.24mm
8lb 11.38lb 0.28mm 0.27mm
10lb 11.88lb 0.305mm 0.29mm
12lb 17.5lb 0.355mm 0.35mm
15lb 22lb 0.38mm 0.38mm

GL Pro Clear
10lb 12.13lb 0.26mm 0.26mm
12lb 14.5lb 0.29mm 0.29mm
16lb 19.75lb 0.34mm 0.34mm
20lb 24.75lb 0.40mm 0.38mm

Fox Soft Steel Camo
10lb 13.25lb 0.30mm 0.29mm
12lb 17.25lb 0.34mm 0.34mm
15lb 22.63lb 0.39mm 0.37mm

Drennan Double Strength
8lb 8lb 0.22mm 0.22mm
10lb 9.63lb 0.235mm 0.24mm
12lb 10lb 0.26mm 0.27mm
15lb 13.37lb 0.285mm 0.29mm

Sufix Magic Touch
8lb 12.25lb 0.25mm 0.28mm
10lb 14lb 0.28mm 0.29mm
12lb 16.88lb 0.30mm 0.35mm
15lb 21.75lb 0.35mm 0.40mm

Sufix Memory Free Black
15lb 15.88lb Unstated 0.38mm
20lb 23.75lb Unstated 0.45mm
30lb 33lb Unstated 0.56mm

Sufix Memory Free Clear
15lb 16.75lb Unstated 0.37mm
20lb 21lb Unstated 0.45mm
30lb 34.75lb Unstated 0.55mm

Korda XTough
20lb 24.88lb Unstated 0.47mm
30lb 28.75lb Unstated 0.55mm

ESP Stiff Rig 15lb 24.75lb 0.43mm 0.42mm
20lb 29.5lb 0.47mm 0.45mm
25lb 39.25lb 0.53mm 0.52mm


Korda IQ
10lb 11.88lb Unstated 0.29mm
15lb 14.25lb Unstated 0.33mm
20lb 18.75lb Unstated 0.47mm
25lb 21.38lb Unstated 0.44mm

Korda IQ Xtra Soft
10lb 8.88lb Unstated 0.27mm
12lb 10lb Unstated 0.30mm
15lb 11.25lb Unstated 0.31mm
20lb 16.75lb Unstated 0.40mm

Grand Max Riverge
12.5lb 10lb 0.24mm 0.25mm
14.5lb 11.88lb 0.26mm 0.28mm
16.5lb 13lb 0.285mm 0.30mm
18lb 15.13lb 0.33mm 0.33mm
22lb 21lb 0.36mm 0.38mm

ESP Ghost
10lb 10.75lb 0.33mm 0.32mm
12lb 12lb 0.35mm 0.34mm
15lb 16.13lb 0.41mm 0.42mm
18lb 16.5lb 0.45mm 0.44mm

CRU Clearwater
10lb 12.5lb Unstated 0.28mm
12lb 12.25lb Unstated 0.29mm
15lb 16.25lb Unstated 0.33mm

Prologic XLNT Spectrum
12.5lb 10lb 0.24mm 0.25mm
14.5lb 11.88lb 0.26mm 0.28mm
16.5lb 13lb 0.285mm 0.30mm
18lb 15.13lb 0.33mm 0.33mm
22lb 21lb 0.36mm 0.38mm

Rig Marole
10lb 9.25lb 0.30mm 0.29mm
20lb 21lb 0.45mm 0.50mm

X Line
12lb 9.38lb 0.26mm 0.28mm
15lb 10.25lb 0.31mm 0.29mm
17lb 11.13lb 0.33mm 0.31mm
20lb 12.63lb 0.37mm 0.35mm


Berkley Fireline Braid
10lb 17.75lb Unstated 0.22mm
14lb 21.38lb Unstated 0.28mm
20lb 26.38lb Unstated 0.34mm
30lb 38.13lb Unstated 0.43mm

Berkley Fireline XDS Braid
8lb 10.5lb 0.13mm 0.17mm
17lb 20.5lb 0.19mm 0.22mm
25lb 18.13lb 0.23mm 0.27mm

Whiplash Pro Braid
20lb 15.75lb 0.20mm 0.18mm
30lb 21.75lb 0.25mm 0.20mm

Nash Bullet Braid
15lb 18.88lb Unstated 0.34mm
20lb 20.75lb Unstated 0.36mm
25lb 23lb Unstated 0.40mm

Gravitron Braid
15lb 14.25lb Unstated 0.28mm
25lb 21.88lb Unstated 0.32mm

Explorer Braid
20lb 18.63lb Unstated 0.38mm

Dynon SK Braid
22lb 19.88lb Unstated 0.30mm
34lb 27.25lb Unstated 0.39mm

Spiderwire Stealth Braid
20lb 22.25lb Unstated 0.26mm
30lb 28.25lb Unstated 0.29mm

TF Gear Banana Braid
30lb 24lb 0.28mm 0.24mm

Fox TB Spod Braid
30lb 27.83lb Unstated 0.32mm