Monday, 2 November 2009

Advanced Planning

Hello again and a blustery welcome back to Fishing For Memories.

The weather the last few days has taken quite a turn for the worse,with rain and high winds.However there is still plenty of things that can be organised and planned whilst the elements are none to conducive.

I decided that I needed some larger capacity reels to replace my old and much loved Shimano Baitrunner 8000`s which are an integral part of my stillwater setup, after a lot of looking round and indecision I decided to order two Maver Tica Abyss free spool,pit reels from a seller in America, via Ebay for around £54 each inc delivery, they arrived yesterday and I must say after much toying with them they seem lovely, the real proof will be if they last as good as my shimanos have.

10 ball bearings and a capacity of 300 yards of 20lb line,along with what seems a very smooth and finely adjustable baitrunner system.

Mavger tica Abyss


I also managed to pick up a Daiwa Regal Plus 5000BRI. Although not feeling in the same class as the Tica Abyss and showing signs of being well used, it seems in good working order and cost me £16 so I thought it would come in useful.


I do plan on loading these with fairly heavy line,I am considering Berkley big game,which has never really let me down and I have a lot of confidence in, or perhaps Nash bullet, I would use Fox soft steel again as that is what I have on my Baitrunners and it is fairly abrasion resistant, however I dislike the way it has a tendency to have memory issues and go all springy and coil up after you have used it for only a short time.

Either way I will be very interested to see how these reels live up to the wear and tear,especially the second hand Daiwa.