Hello there and welcome to fishing for memories,my name's Mark Erdwin and this blog is dedicated to the fishing trips of myself and my father Robert,our successes and failures and those extra special red letter days,which I would like to share with you like minded anglers and blog writers out there.

I started fishing at the age of 5,I can remember being on holiday in France and my mum and dad taking me to a trout farm,as you can imagine it was a fish every cast and from that moment on I was truly hooked,I always consider myself lucky and very fortunate to be born into a family with a father that was a keen angler,

A Patient Teacher

from that moment on,Robert took me under his wing and showed me some of the joys of fishing,starting with  fishing on my local rivers,these waterways were to become a background for many fishing adventures and mishaps.as my confidence grew, Robert showed me how to catch Barbel and Chub and I  eventually found myself venturing into Tench and Carp fishing.

I'm in my 30's now and the fishing bond between my father and I is as strong as it was at the very beginning and although we don't fish together as much as we use to due to Robert's health,everytime he manages to go fishing I still see that twinkle in his eye,that spark of passion which he kindly spent his time patiently imparting to me as a youngster and which I carry with me today in an ever evolving pastime, where you're never too old to start out on the fantastic journey that is angling.