Sunday, 19 April 2009

New Season & Planning

Hello there and welcome back to fishing for memories.

Well it has been a while since I last posted,life has been very busy the past few months and real life scenarios took over.However the past couple of weeks myself and Robert have been planning for the up and coming start to the river season and have been configuring and reconfiguring our plans where bait and tactics are concerned. The rivers look in superb condition with the rain recently and now sunny conditions. Spring is well and truly in the air and we are looking forward with baited breath to June.

What I also feel that needs to be commented on is the fact that on more than one occasion we have spotted people fishing the Thames in the current closed season which as I am sure said people are aware is illegal,the EA were telephoned about this but the reply which we got was far from helpful,along the lines of "we cant be everywhere".

This is a pity and makes me wonder if it would be better in the long term to have no close season,least not on our bigger rivers like the Thames/Trent and such.

I do feel that the Thames needs better patrolling to stop illegal fishing/poaching I also feel its a bit of a sad state that fishing Clubs can have voluntary bailiffs doing a decent job checking if people are members of said clubs,yet the Environment Agency cant afford some extra paid staff to do a similar job,I would have thought they would have the funds to employ people part time to do the job.

Anyhow Robert and I are looking forward to hopefully a fruitful 2009/2010 season and if it is as good if not better than 2007/2008 season then we will be very happy indeed,we both have our eyes set on some new pbs,I would absolutely love to have a 30lb English river Carp,Robert came close in 2007 with his 28.8 Mirror and I would not mind a 15+ Thames Barbel either,although I am probably being greedy wanting both.

Robert has set himself similar targets as far as Barbel and Carp are concerned,so hopefully the gods will smile on one of us,One thing we both agree on is that our Chub Pb`s are going to be a very tough nut to crack,it really will take a very special fish to break those.

So until my next post I would like to wish Tight lines to everyone who is looking forward to the new season on the rivers and on the Thames.