Saturday, 24 April 2010

The forgotten land

Hello and welcome back to fishing for memories.

The weather is warming up after the long winter and spring is showing here and there,with blossom on the trees and birds about chirping as well as the bee's bumbling their merry way about and the local rivers are looking in fine condition.

My mind has lately been filled with memories of a place left untouched by humans,where you rarely see another soul,where your at one with nature,where there is no light pollution and the air is clean and forests stretch as far as the eye can see,it's almost as if when you're there even drawing breath comes to a stand still.

No matter where I'm fishing,dawns are very special to me and every different place has it's own unique one,with sunrises painting a myriad of new shapes and colours on the land.

They are places that time seems to have forgotten,where the hand of technology and industrialism have thankfully not yet tainted,where if you saw dinosaurs roaming about you would not be at all suprised,when wetting a line the atmosphere is thick with expectation and what ifs?

Places where an angler can melt into insignificance and be enveloped by nature and beautiful surroundings.

I'm sure as anglers we all have special places we hold close to our heart,which hold a lot of evocative memories and emotions and they are something we should not take for granted,we should try to be involved in caring and looking after the places we enjoy fishing,as there is a fragile balance which when tipped too far one way can be

Until next time from me on fishing for memories tight lines and I hope you're all enjoying the spring and catching a few cracking fish.