Saturday, 5 May 2012


Now that I have the car back and fully operational, I have been able to get out and have a look around at some pastures new, in this case a rather nice looking, lily pad covered lake, which is abundant  in character and features, replete with gravel bars, small bays and a heavy helping of Canadian pondweed and wildlife. The water has a very intimate look to it and I'm told it holds some nice tench and carp in its depths, what other suprises that it maybe holding I do not know, but I was certainly feeling some happy vibes from this water, making me wish I was fishing it right then and there.

It's a jungle out there

When it comes to eventually wetting a line, I have no doubt a weed rake will be the order of the day,   especially given that some swims are absolutely choked up with it, that said the lake was teeming with a variety of life, including a helping of freshly spawned tadpoles,  moorhens, ducks and a family of geese with their brood of very cute goslings.


I think you can see that this water is certainly not short of some lovely sights and as an angler this ingredient is a very special additive, that makes passing time whilst wondering and waiting for that moment, when a fish might pick up the bait, speeding off for the comfort of the underwater jungle, something so very special.

In one of the smaller bays, I came across a more open area of water, with less pondweed and noticed a couple of shadows gliding in and out of the nearby coverage, one of those being an orange and black koi, it certainly did not seem too shy. The darker shadow next to it belonged to a common carp, perhaps they were paired up for a bit of springtime lovey dovey?

I saw many tell tale signs of tench fizzing near one of the island margins, I also spotted  a few more carp, whom were intent on giving themselves away as their backs brushed the surrounding lily pads, making the foliage move, seemingly of its own volition. A wonderful sight and I must admit that my appetite to wet a line, is well and truly wetted.