Saturday, 21 April 2012

Vorsprung Durch Technik

My sincere apologies for a lack of updates recently, unfortunately car troubles have meant that I have not been able to get time out on the bank like I would wish to and I am still waiting for car parts.
Cue much hunting about for prices and looking for a mechanic that doesn't wish to charge you an arm leg, kidney or two for labour and it finally looks like things may be being sorted in the next week or so, if this goes as planned some piscatorial pastime may take place again. Hasn't the weather been great lately? Rain and more rain, not a bit too soon either, lets hope for a fair bit more, as heaven knows many of the lakes and rivers have been gasping for this kind of rainfall for a while now and it's going to take a fair bit more of this before it has the much needed positive affect that many parched waters desire, just nice to see that April decided to turn up and deliver a very welcome deluge.

On another note I have received some new line, one which I had been meaning  to try a few years ago, as I had seen quite a few positive posts on forums regarding it, but I never got round to purchasing any as I was very happy using Berkley big game and over more recent seasons, Daiwa sensor clear. The new line in question is Yo-Zuri hybrid clear, a mixture of fluorocarbon and nylon, I decided to pick this up via a seller on ebay who had various breaking strains available and at reasonable prices too.

This in the 10lb rated breaking strain and tied with a palomar knot, is breaking at a very reliable 15lb+, the line feels smooth, very limp and seems to have excellent refractive capability, certainly a lot less visible than your usual monofilament, but obviously not as good as a product that is 100% pure fluorocarbon. Spools of this can be picked up for about £10.

On a sharper note, (excuse my terrible puns) I have been looking about for some strong hooks that can be put to use on rivers as well as stillwaters for both Barbel and Carp fishing. Like a lot of things with us anglers, much is down to having confidence in what we are using and I'm certainly no different.

After a fair amount of looking about and chatting with some anglers from across the channel, I noticed Ashima were doing a nice looking range of hooks and one pattern which I took a liking to were their "Indispensable Carp"  hooks.

 These come in a multitude of sizes and are very  similar in style to a Gardner talon tip, so I opted in ordering a few packets in sizes 8 and 6. They certainly feel strong and very sharp, fingers crossed they are are as good in use as they look.

Well that is about it as a fishing related update goes, I look forward to having the car sorted soon and putting both these items of tackle through their paces in due course. Tight lines and I hope some of you chaps are having a very enjoyable spring.