Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Blown Away Video Blog


  1. Some great footage of the fish and yourself Mark, The things that tickle me though are things like the jet going over while your talking, The at 4:50 onwards while your talking i thought you had been smoking a cegar haha Great footage and well narated,

  2. Thanks Paddy,

    haha,I know what you mean,there is always something going on,jets flying extra low just when I'm about to try to speak,have to agree about the cigar part lol,I actually thought the same when I was editing the video.

    I need to make an outtake reel of bloopers some day.

    Kind Regards

  3. I find your energy and enthusiasm for all this written and video blogging infectious, Mark.

    Really excellent.

    One thing I would love as an extra bonus would be a short list of your equipment and method on the day itself. I know you already give much away and I would fully understand if you want to keep some of it under wraps as you've probably spent years of experimentation in getting it right.
    As an example, I'd be interested in how you hair rig maggots - maggot clip, bunch or single maggot, colours etc.

    This may be boring for some people but my 8-year old son is like a sponge for that kind of info from someone who actually catches fish :) (unlike his dad!)

    Anyway, it's only a suggestion and as it is you put far more into this game than most.

    All the best

  4. Hello Russ,

    Thank you for the kind comment and suggestions,I have done that in the past with my rigs and will certainly try to start doing it again in my videos,as you say it is interesting and useful and I don't mind sharing the information.

    Given the river we both fish Russ, it can be a moody place,quite an enigma in its own right and at the same time very alluring.Have you had any luck lately?

    Kind Regards