Friday, 21 August 2009

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Hello there and a very warm welcome back to fishing for memories.

Heck the last few days have been very hot haven't they?

Despite the heat I opted for an overnighter down the river,although my memory kindly failed to remind me to take my hat and polaroids,I would remember to curse my memory but alas I would probably only forget to do so anyway.

I decided prior to going to make up a small batch of Shellfish B5 boilies as well as some extra maize.

If some of the species of trees were showing hints of Autumn with the odd tint of yellow,the weather was in disagreement and screamed summer,the Balsam was brimming with bees and the Blackberry bushes were full of big juicy berries,I love the different moments of each season as it merges into the next and Autumn is one of my favourite seasons for fishing so I am looking forward to it kicking in.

I managed for a change to get down to my swim by 6am,some what of a miracle for me,the sun was blazing and it was then that I cursed the fact I had no hat or polaroids,I mean who forgets their cap and polaroids,boy did I curse myself. The sun was already feeling toasty and I didn't fancy my chances during the day to be fair,I put a very light amount of maize into both areas and settled on fishing one rod with a shellfish B5 boilie and the other on an 15mm Halibut pellet,both rods with mini pva bags of crushed boilie and pellet.I placed my right rod near to an over hanging trees and left rod to a marginal gully about a rod length out.

More or less straight away I was getting taps and knocks on the left rod (halibut pellet)about thirty minutes later the rod trundled off and rattled and shook,I struck and was greeted by a a shakey resistance,as I played the fish in I saw a nice Chub of what I would estimate to be around 5lb and that was the last I saw of it as it shook the hook and swam off,"damn and blast" I muttered,I decided to re bait and get the rod out again,but no more decent bites followed,only taps and knocks from small fry.

The heat continued to grow without sign of abating and by 12pm the brolly was up and I was sat pouring sweat and it felt like the brolly was not really helping all that much,so I threw my coat over it and commenced drinking water like a camel for the rest of the day.It was a very quiet late afternoon when I decided to reel my rods in and rest my swim as well as grab a bite to eat,an All day Breakfast Hotcan being the meal of choice,I sat back and tucked in as the sunlight gradually faded,whilst I watched the bees popping in and out of the Balsam and wondering exactly how much pollen one single bee can carry?

One last sip of tea and I placed both rods back out,dusk had fallen and the owls made their presence known with their shrill hunting calls,what seemed like a group of vixens began calling out with their screeching and rough barks,the bats flitted in and out of the nearby tree and weaved their way over the water occasionally clipping the rod tips,an environment at peace and myself an angler drawn into that magical place where you feel as one with nature.

it was coming on for 9pm when my left rod signaled a slow bite and I was into the first fish of the night a Bream of around 6lb which was unhooked and placed back,three more of its cousins followed shortly after all on the halibut pellet rod. It was around 10.45 that all fell silent from the Bream and they faded away into the night,the left rod was silent for about 15 minutes and then lurched over and single toned off,I was into a solid fight that hugged the bottom and paced upstream and downstream,my mind said "barbel",it was soon resting in the net and weighed in at a pleasing 9lb.


Before recasting the left rod I decided to have a little check on the boilie rod and I found the bait had been chipped about a bit by Crayfish,not something I mind as I find they act as good attractants for the fish.

Both rods were recast and it was around 2am when the pellet rod wrapped round and was away again,this time bolting straight into mid water and angrily charging about,it felt a nice fish,as I got it to the margins it decided to throw a wobbly and sped up and down along the margins,not my idea of fun at all as the margins are littered with some heavy underwater snags and roots,eventually heart in mouth it was in the net,a Barbel and a good looking sized fish that looked like a double and sure enough the scales did not disappoint as they tipped round to 11lb.

11lb barbel august 2009

Up till now the boilie rod had been quiet,but I have faith in the Shellfish mix as well as the area the rod was placed in,although that means little if nothing if the fish still don't play ball.

It was 4am when the rod signalled a steady take that saw the swinger hit the top of the rod butt,I jumped up and was met by a real bullish fish that tried to bolt out and leave me for dead on some nearby underwater tree branches,the water swirled,the fish stayed midstream,I decided to hold firm and let the rod tip absorb as much lunges as possible,this paid off and the fish changed direction from the upstream snag and kited downstream,walking down I grabbed my other rod and moved it so as to make some room to land the fish,it was then that it broke the water in front of me. A lovely common carp,heart pounding heavily I slid the net under her and sighed a large sigh of relief,she was one old looking river warrior and looked spawn laden as well as quite battle scarred with some scales missing and a tatty dorsal fin,its times like these that im glad I carry some Orabase which I have been using a while now thanks to some advice given via the Cemex forums a few years back,this really helps with aiding in repairing and healing as well as cleaning damaged areas on fish,as it creates a protective barrier when used that seals and aids with speeding up the healing process.

Out on to the landing mat and into the weigh sling and the scales tipped round to a very pleasing 19lb,lovely.

19lb river common August 2009

19lb river common other pic of same fish

That was the last fish of the session and as dawn broke and 6am beckoned I packed up a very chirpy chap and moseyed on home.

Well till next time at fishing for memories,I would like to wish you all tight lines and above all enjoy the places that you fish and respect them,take only photographs and leave only footprints behind you.

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