Thursday, 4 August 2016

A Vlog Selection

I must admit I have not been keeping up with my blog entries since the start of the season, this is because I have been focusing on filming more videos, which I really do enjoy making. However due to this, my written side which I dearly love has taken a bit of a hit. So for the time being I thought I would share a few of the current videos from this season with you chaps.


  1. Great videos Mark, I especially enjoyed the tench on the float one - brilliant. Those wonderful dark tench from such a delicious lake..... I'm drooling!

    You must spend more time on production than fishing nowadays :o) but it's really entertaining.

    I have to confess. I've sent off for an action camera (not that it'll see much 'action', my high speed days are behind me) but it's something I've wanted to tinker with for a while.

    Keep it up mate

    1. Hello there Dave!

      Really nice to hear from you mate. I must admit the Tench on pin video did take a fair bit of editing and colour grading, but I love making the vlogs although some vary from being higher production quality to others that are a bit more like a video diary in style, but I do enjoy both. So you are joining the action camera crowd too! What one did you purchase? A gopro? Although you say your speedy days are behind you, I would think it would come in great for some of your fishing trips, would be nice to see some footage of you wetting a line and such. So I hope you go ahead with using it, even little clips can be extremely enjoyable for others to watch.

    2. Would you believe that the only item I forgot on my last trip was my new camera? I'm losing the plot! :o)

      I went for a cheaper version from China the Gitup GIT2 - no comments about appropriate names please - which seems to do a job and came with a bucket of accessories that I have no idea about. I shall give it a go very soon.

    3. oh the gitup? That is what I have been using Dave, it will serve you fine, just be sure to purchase some of the following batteries they work with the gitup even though not listed as doing so.

    4. Cheers for that Mark, batteries ordered.
      Having seen your stuff, I have high hopes for my future results.