Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Roving with wax worms vlog


  1. Nice! I've got a few waters that fit that bill. What's that little quiver rod you've got? Cheers, Ian.

    1. Hello there Ian nice to hear from you, the rod is the
      Shimano Purist river feeder, it has a lovely action forgiving but with power reserves lower down the blank and has got me out of a few sticky moments. It's discontinued now but is still stocked in a few places.

      A friend of mine bought his from the following website which is in austria but they do not charge for postage as far as i am aware and offer very good service.

      Hope that is of some help mate.

    2. Thanks Mark. Looked shorter on the vlog, possibly the camera angle. I've got my trusty 11' 6" Drennan medium feeder - rod blanks have moved on, but it's got a few years in it yet.

    3. Oh yes that will be the headcam field of view I'm afraid mate, I'm sure there is plenty of life left in the Drennan, they make some cracking rods.