Friday, 15 November 2013

Boddington bobber floats

Having read a post a while ago on Idlers Quest where Jeff put Guinness widgets to good use by crafting them into floats, this got me thinking about the widgets inside of Boddingtons and wondering if they were the same or perhaps different, after cutting a can open I was pleasantly surprised to find a flying saucer shaped widget.

The shape looked perfect as a body to an economical, bobber style float and with a central hole already made they looked spot on, just a case of using a few of our old barbeque skewers and find a size that would fit snugly once pushed through the widget.

A little bit of glue to seal either side of the central hole and some plasti-kote in tangerine orange, along with some walnut varnish and away I went.

Now they are almost complete and the plasti-kote was nice and easy to work with, I look forward to giving them a maiden bobbing at some point.


  1. Love it Mark, I'm going to put a link on to the Traditional Fishing Forum if you don't mind, there's loads of float makers on there.

  2. Thanks Dave and you are more than welcome to do that, I have been informed that the John Smiths widgets would also make the perfect float body too, food for thought.

  3. Truly inspired mate. They look great.

  4. Hello Gurn and thank you for taking a look, just a nice cost effective secondary use, it has also been suggested that the widgets could perhaps also make for an interesting bobbin with a clip inserted into them.

  5. Great floats Mark,but a crap pint ;-0

    1. Cheers Jason and you are right it certainly is no Hobgoblin.