Saturday, 13 July 2013

Old Memories

A few days ago a parcel was left outside my door, after feverishly peeling off the layers of bubble wrap, I could just make out the shape of an item I have long wanted, but till now have never been able to find at a favourable price on ebay.

Once all the protective layers were peeled back, my eyes set upon the well worn body and with a bit of wobble much like myself, a Speedia centrepin and as eccentric as this might sound I just had to have a sniff of this little reel, the smell of metal, grease and old memories mingled between my nostrils.

Spinning freely and looking a lot more robust than any of the budget pins that I own, some of which have unfortunately taken to falling apart in months, I cannot wait to put this to use later in the season, a few chub and perch on it and perhaps the odd trot for dace, I look forward to it.


  1. A great purchase, you'll not wear that out in a hurry Mark.

    1. Hello Dave, I hope not mate, looks solid and spins very well, managed to get it for £25 plus postage on ebay, so not too bad.