Monday, 24 June 2013

Oiling the gears vlog


  1. hi again mark good to see you back posting, just looking at that lake makes me drool i have been hunting for about four months for one of these types of water as i have gone back to a more traditional type of angling using cane pin and even an old 1954 mitchell 300 and where i live junc 11 m25 they are as rare as rocking horse droppings god knows how you find these beautiful waters i have searched every club website i can find and still these types of waters elude me i can understand why people keep quiet when they find them hope i find one before i got to old to enjoy it. anyway glad you back in the saddle so to speak i do enjoy your vlogs keep up the good work.



    1. Hello Bernie and thanks!

      I agree they are not that common and do sometimes take a bit of detective work (google maps) to find. Bit more easier to find something similar in rural areas too.

      Mitchell 300 you say?

      I used to use my fathers as a child and they are a joy to use, fantastic reels. He used to have two, unfortunately one night we left them under the car to have a sleep and drove over the rods and reels in the morning, terrible noise to hear as the car rolled over all the tackle..

      There must surely be a few overgrown and forgotten pools round your neck of the woods, I would have thought, try using Bing maps or google maps and having a look about, you can turn up some interesting forgotten bits of water using both those as tools.

      Kind regards