Monday, 24 December 2012

A Look Back At 2012

I would just like to wish all other bloggers a Merry Christmas, fingers and toes crossed for a bit of dry weather soon too.


  1. Another good video to end the year Mark. Ive enjoyed my first year as a blogger, thanks for all your help and advice, maybe we can wet a line together in 2013. Seasons Greetings


    1. Thanks Darren,

      It has been very enjoyable reading your blog and you are more than welcome with the advice, I'm really looking forward to seeing some of your videos next year and I am hoping you manage to find that linear video you made,as I would love to see that.

      I would love to wet a line together in 2013, that would certainly be great.

      Have a good Christmas Darren and a nice wet net in 2013.

  2. This video proves what I'm missing out on by not fishing at night! Love the blog Mark, keep it going.

  3. Cheers Russell,

    I love fishing day or night,there is something rather special about being connected to the unknown that comes with fishing at night, along with the more nocturnal wildlife that tend to elude you during daylight.

    Thanks for taking the time to drop by, I have been enjoying your blog and your magazine articles also.