Sunday, 9 September 2012

Water Tigers & Roving About Vlog


  1. Hi Mark
    Nice video, congratulations on your perch PB

    1. Glad you enjoyed the video.

      I was very happy with the Perch, it had some lovely vivid colourings, would be really nice to pick up one of its uncles.

  2. Hello Mark,
    Well done on the PB Perch mate, Have you ever tried live baiting for the bigger ones as its great fun, Out of all the fish you caught in your vidio i think the gudgion is one of the nicest fish ever, and the record is not that high, The biger perch would love to have one for lunch hahaa,
    Well done again,
    All the best,

    1. Hello Paddy,

      I did consider afterward that a Gudgeon would have been great for the Perch, but I couldn't bring myself to do it on this occasion.

      They're a lovely coloured fish and remind me of mother of pearl, I don't see as many as I used to on my local rivers, yes there are areas which hold pockets of them, but compared to when I was 8 years old and use to catch between 60 or more a trip, they seem to have declined some what. So it's always nice to catch a few of them.

      I might try livebaiting for the Perch later in the year mate.

      Well done on your recent Pike trip, you and Duane certainly had a few and that 19 was a nice looking fish.