Friday, 17 August 2012

Garden Paths 1 & 2 Vlog


  1. Hello Mark me ole mate, Good to hear your voice and the comentary was great i love that location and to be honest i would have gone over that slack water right to the flowing water, I was surprised you only caught the couple of bream but the one you showed in the vidio was what we call a "Bin Lid" hahaa oh the herron looked well hungry haha Good to see you are out there doing what comes naturaly,
    All the best my friend,

    1. Hello there Paddy!

      So good to hear from you mate, hope that you're keeping well and all is ok.

      Yes you're right, in hindsight I should have placed one rod across to the more pacey surface area of the weir.

      Glad you enjoyed the video and location mate, it is rather stunning. Believe me the Bream go much bigger than that and there has been doubles out in the past. That Heron is a regular visitor and a real character to watch.

      Kind regards