Sunday, 3 June 2012

Keep On Rolling

After considering how much I wanted to use more fish based baits this season yet at the same time try to avoid the unwanted attentions of crayfish on soft baits.

So I spent yesterday evening pondering a fair bit whilst working on a recipe, the end result was a a fish based boilie that works out around £3 a kilo, I also hand rolled a seperate smaller bag of barrel shaped and round baits in various sizes, just to break up the variation should the fish become wary, which they no doubt will during the course of the season.

Bag of allsorts

Circular, cylindrical and pillow shaped

The object to the right is the camera lens cap, not the boilies shadow

I made sure to roll a few kilo of another bait, one which I have used regularly and found quite reliable, just as a back up plan of sorts.

I rolled a total of 5 kilo of the above bait, thank heavens for rolling tables, but on another note I really must look into getting an electric caulking gun, as using the manual type leaves me feeling
like not wanting to be shaking anyones hands anytime soon.


  1. I love messing with recipes but loathe rolling the damn things :-)

    Good luck with your new mix Mark, a change in bait size or shape will often fool the wary and I hope to read all about it soon ;-)

  2. Very true Dave,

    Working out recipes is always fun, the rolling I generally don't find bad, but the pumping of the paste always is, especially with this mix needing to be extra stiff. On the positive side I suppose I may end up with Popeye style hands.

  3. It takes me about 90 minutes to roll one kilo - thats why I rarely do it. :)

    good luck with your efforts they deserve a result.

    1. Thank you Phil,

      I agree it is quite time consuming but there's always a feeling of accomplishment and appreciation when netting a fish on your own baits.