Sunday, 29 May 2011

Intimate Tranquility Video


  1. Hello Mark,
    Fabulous report, old bean!

    Your video report had me hooked (sorry). Also, you're a bit of a natural in front of the camera.

    May I suggest you take a chum along next time who can 'film the action'

  2. Hello there Alan,

    why thank you very much,it's always very nice to hear any feedback regarding the blog and videos.

    I always feel I'm a bit stiff at times in front of the camera,so thank you.

    I guess I could try taking a friend along,I have Robert whom you will have seen fishing with me,but I cannot and do not expect him to spend his time filming.

    What I will try to do more of in some of the videos,is have the camera filming behind me,so you can see a bit more action from time to time.

    Thanks again Alan

    Kind Regards


  3. I will leave the filming to you experts, Its darn good, But i would settle for the reel you were useing Mark,
    Top bit of kit,
    Best regards,

  4. Why thank you Paddy,

    yes I'm (excuse the pun) reely loving the centrepin mate and not overpriced either.

    Thanks again