Sunday, 6 February 2011

Blown Out

A windy but mild Saturday morning was met by maggots being boxed,some enhanced spam and cheesepaste grabbed from the fridge and rucksack packed.

making my way over to the river,the gusts of wind made for slow going.I had decided to cover a larger area of river,changing the maggot rod to a cage feeder and deciding to rotate my other rod between cheesepaste and spam.My first spot was one with quite a few underwater trees and has been kind to me in the past.

The water was teeming with Minnows and there was the odd better splash across the surface of a Pike or Trout hunting them,the maggot and cage feeder started receiving fervent taps and plucks from the horde of Minnows more or less straight away and was going to be a feature of the day.

The day passed by quietly,by 7pm I had tried numerous different pools,and creases,but all to no avail,not a sniff on cheese or the spam and only the piranha like attention of Minnows on the maggot.

So I decided to try an old slack I had not fished in an age,a spot that had long ago fallen out of favour with me for reasons my memory can't remember.On settling down in the swim I cast out the spam with groundbait and broken cubes of spam also moulded around the gripper weight. My other rod was already garnering the attention of the Minnow horde,tip,tap tap tap replied the rod tip,on shining my headlight into the river I saw it was quite thick with them.

The spam rod was quiet and not getting overly pestered by crayfish,which was a blessing,I sat back and opened a steak slice with a cup of coffee,mild but pretty quiet on the fish front.The owls began calling out and a deer popped his head into my swim,only for me to stare back at him ,I'm not quite sure who was more shocked,startled,it dashed off across the field in leaps and bounds.

A quick re-cast of both rods and I settled down thinking about how when the weather is sometimes better I find that I sometimes blank more.It was 11pm when my Spam rod decided to show some sign of life,with a sharp movement from the rod tip the swinger climbed,it held momentarily motionless,I was tempted to strike,yet for some reason didn't want to risk it,the swinger dropped down again,ten minutes later the swinger shot up and rod tip wrapped right round,time was motionless as I moved to strike,unfortunately the speed of my strike seemed cumbersome,I connected with nothing,I insulted myself mentally with all kinds of foul words none that I shall publish here.

That was the only decent bite of the trip and to be fair I had blown that chance,it was time to make my way home.

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