Thursday, 13 January 2011

Slow Going

Hello again and a warm welcome back to fishing for memories.

Well it's the new year and I am looking forward to doing plenty of fishing in 2011.

Needless to say I have been out on quite a few fishing trips since my last blog update,five trips to be exact in Snows,winds and heavy rains,alas with not to much to write about,during the snows I went twice and lost a cracking Chub that looked over 6lb at the net,which I was absolutely gutted about,as I have always wanted a nice Chub in the snow,sadly this for the time being seems to have eluded me once again,and my other three trips have been either blanks or yet more Bullheads.

So it has been a very slow start to 2011 for me,and it can be quite confidence sapping too,making you wonder if your doing something very wrong,or if you have lost your touch at winter fishing,one thing I feel that I need to do is to go back to some of the older baits that I use to use as a youngster,where in many ways I feel I was more adventurous with experimenting with different baits and I feel I have lost that edge and outlook,becoming a bit too stagnant and set in my ways in some areas.

The weather system for the last few days certainly is a fair bit milder and with that trend continuing for a few more days,this might see a few people landing some Barbel,maybe even myself!I suppose I can but hope and pray.

On another note,I have just recently received some new tackle in the form of a Shakespeare Mach 3 float rod,which was on offer at nimpopo in their clearance sale for £48,very light and nicely understated with Fuji Alconite guides and interchangeable Butt section,it seems like a very nice bit of kit,I will elaborate on this with more detail once I take it out for it's maiden fishing trip.

Well that's about it for this update,fingers crossed I will have some fish by the time I post again.

Till next time tight lines and best of fishes.

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