Thursday, 9 December 2010

New Gadgets

Welcome back back to fishing for memories,

A few weeks ago I was considering a move to getting a Dslr Camera,after having enjoyed some good service from the Canon powershot series,naturally as I'm sure many of you are aware,that once you delve into this realm,it's quite a minefield of choices and a wide variable price range.

In the end I decided to pick up a Canon EOS60D,and although I have not yet got out on the river bank to put it to some use,I have however been learning the raft of different controls and shooting options,I have to say after using the likes of the SX10IS,this is quite a learning curve.

What I liked about the Canon SX10IS was the self timer options and ability to shoot multiple exposures in a row,great when dealing with fish shots,I used to set it to 7 shots and let it fire away,knowing one of those would be a reasonable picture.Now I had been looking for something similar for the EOS60D,when I came across a cabled remote on Ebay,which looked perfect for the job and not too overpriced at £17.

The Pickit digital timer remote is capable of shooting 1 to 399 shots with a self timer delay of up to 99 hours and runs off of two small coin watch batteries,however if the battery should die,you can still use it directly off the camera's battery sans the timer.

The length of lead you get with it is generous enough at approx 4 foot and the build quality of the casing seems sturdy,the only real area of concern being the hinge on the battery compartment,which I think you would have to remember not to be too heavy handed with.

All in all quite a nice piece of kit,now I just need to have some spare time to get out fishing,fingers crossed that will be soon.

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